MAIN PURPOSE of the meeting is to elect a new slate of Officers and Directors

next-meeting-lgPlease join your fellow WYC members for the Annual Business Meeting.  We’ll be reviewing all the cool things available on the website, our new Facebook page, renewing memberships, and providing details about the Commodore’s Ball at the Texas Corinthian Yacht Club on Feb 20.
Coffee, tea, fruit and Danishes will be provided.
But the MAIN PURPOSE of the meeting is to elect a new slate of Officers and Directors.

The Nominating Committee has proposed the following slate:

 Doug Catenaci
Past Commodore
 Gary Garnett
Rear Commodore  Dennis Stetzel
Vice commodore
 Elfie Boersma
Fleet Captain
 Daven Voorhies
 Kate Francis
 Vickie Voorhies
 John Judas
Social Director
 Gail Van Oosten
Web Master
 Pedro Filipowsky
Ship Store
 Mishelle Catenaci


According to our Bylaws, the process for submitting additional nominations is as follows:

“…Additional nominations may be received by the Secretary, from the membership, under the following conditions:  nominations must be received by the Secretary no less than seven days prior to the Annual Meeting, and the nomination shall be signed by no less than five members, and include the written consent of the nominee.”
So, please attend the meeting so we have a quorum.

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