September 2023

Waterford Yacht Club Newsletter – September 2023

Recent Events

Panama Risk Awareness – Matt Dehl gave an informative and disturbing talk on his Panama cruising experience including simple pirate prevent measures and the how to deal with local authorities.  One thought he left us with is the Caribiean has many ports of call, avoid the dangerous destinations.  Thank you, Rear Commodore Howard Eisemann, for arranging the meeting.

Freeport Cruise – WYC’s offshore event was both challenging and enjoyable for the six skippers and crew that participated.  Fleet Captain Steve Nolin began the event with a skipper’s meeting where various routes and overnight dockage were discussed.  A few days later the fun began:

  • Day 1 Friday – Our boats positioned in the Galveston area including Bolivar (watch the tide) Harbor House (still there), Teacup (some harbor wake action), GYM (yacht basin dock shackles, no cleats)
  • Day 2 Saturday – The flotilla enjoyed fair winds and seas enroute to Bridge Harbor in Freeport.  It’s a good marina just off the ICW with a nice restaurant where we gathered for dinner.  Somehow Daniel and Laurie fit us into The Gail Mary main cabin for celebration beverages.
  • Day 3 Sunday – With even better conditions we sailed/cruised back to Galveston (Pelican Rest slips mut be prearranged) and relaxed in the little pool at Pelican Rest.  Dinner at the fancy Number 13 restaurant began with Oysters Rockerfeller, and our lively conversation kept the party going until last call.
  • Day 4 Monday – Again, we had nice weather and light commercial traffic in the HSC for the trip back to WHM.

Sharing the adventure with other members, and the good weather made it a very special event.  Somewhere along the way we all learned something extra about boating as most boats had issues as diverse as extra bilge water, propeller trash, battery leaks, crew mishaps, engine problems, and slip availability.  All members adapted and overcame the issues to make for a remarkable WYC event.  Thank you to the Amnesia, De Bonte Koe, Marylin T, Navarre Pearl, Texas Star and The Gail Mary for keeping our offshore aspirations alive.

On The Horizon

Pancake Breakfast – Sunday Sept 10 9:00am – 11:00: Members will get their fill of fluffy flapjacks topped with berries, whipped cream and of course maple syrup.  Add a refreshing Mimosas you’ll have a great start to a lazy day.

Birthday Bash Pool Party – Saturday Sept 30 6:00pm to 9:00: Who would’ve thought that Waterford Yacht Club is still here after 24 years?  We’ll have a party at the marina pool to celebrate.  Look for the Evite with details and expect to dress casual.

Pirate Party – Saturday Oct 14 5:00pm – 8:00: Ahoy ye would be pirates.  Join your maties at the Railean Buccaneer Bar for some grub and grog.  Be the best dressed or most fearsome pirate and win valuable booty plus a fist full of gold doubloons.


Volunteers: The club program must have volunteers to share in the activities.  For more info regarding the opportunities just send an Email to

Daven Voorhies WYC Commodore