April 2023

Waterford Yacht Club Newsletter – April 2023

Recent Events

T-Bone Tom’s Party: About 40 members filled two long tables at this favored restaurant.  There was plenty of food, beverages, music and dancing for everyone.  Secretary Chet Jachimiec organized the event and past Commodore Mike Pantoja amped up the party by leading a restaurant wide conga line dance.

Little Boat Show: The big two-day show included a WYC table manned by board members (and spouses) Jeff and Gaye Mountain, Simone and Michael Gordon, Michelle Weidner, Steve Nolin, plus Vickie and Daven Voorhies.  Dozens of people stopped by to enquire about boating, the marina and WYC.  We passed out many club brochures and generated plenty of interest among future Clear Lake boaters.  Members Lisa and Tracy Brettmann did a big favor for Kent Little by adding their Catalina 425, the Sonata, to the in-the-water yacht display.  P.S. the Sonata is not for sale.

On The Horizon

Red Fish Island April 29: WYC has rescheduled our cruise to Redfish Island to Saturday April 29 (weather permitting).  Arrive in time to anchor and get ashore for a BBQ luncheon. Dinghy service on and off the island will be provided as needed.  Help build-out our campsite by bringing a side dish and a chair.

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta:  Social Director Michelle Weidner will sponsor a great Latin themed party.  She will anchor the party with walking tacos, margaritas and queso dip.  Be sure to answer “Si” to the evite and add comment regarding any adiditional offering.  (For Gringos that’s Friday May 5th).

Memorial Weekend May 27- May29: Standby for more action, Fleet Captain Steve Nolin is planning another on the water club outing.  An Evite with more details will follow soon.

Bloody Mary Sunday June 4: Treasurer Vickie Voorhies will provide all the fixins, including bacon, so you can assemble and enjoy a delicious liquid breakfast.  Mimosas will also be available at the Pavilion B event.

Dinghy Run Saturday June 24: Add fresh gasoline to the tank and give your little yacht a workout.  Fleet Captain Steve Nolin will lead us as we crisscross the lake and stop by our favorite shoreside venues.  No dinghy?  No problem, there will be room for extra crew on several dinghies – just ask.

New Member Update:

  • Yanek Martinson joined WYC.  He’s aboard s/v Southern Cross at pier 3, slip 28, stop by and say “Ahoy”.

-Daven Voorhies WYC Commodore