January 2024

Waterford Yacht Club Newsletter – January 2024

Recent Events

Annual Business Meeting

Fourteen members attended the first half of our Sundance Saturday events.  Out-going Commodore Daven Voorhies summarized significant 2023 events and Treasurer Vickie Voorhies delivered the financial position.  Thanks are due to Bill Adams who minutes before the vote volunteered to be our Rear Commodore in charge of education events.  By unanimous vote these members were approved as the new 2024 Board of Directors:

2024 Officers:

  • Commodore                 Steve Nolin
  • Vice Commodore         Laurie Jachimiec
  • Rear Commodore        Bill Adams
  • Fleet Captain               Daven Voorhies
  • Treasurer                     Vickie Voorhies
  • Secretary                     Chet Jachimiec
  • Social Director             Happy Hours – Open
  • Social Director             Parties – Open
  • Director, Tech Support Evan Baumann

It’s not too late.  Members who would like to influence our 2024 social events can be appointed by the Commodore.  Show your interest by contacting Steve Nolin at commodore@waterfordyc.com

Commodore’s Ball

The second half at Sundance was a grand Night at the Oscars.  Our host Michelle Weidner made sure of it!  She arranged the red-carpet treatment for us, decorated the room and tables, arranged for the DJ music and dance floor, and made sure the menu was just what we wanted, along with movie popcorn.  Michael Gordon was voted as the best dressed, and we all owe Michelle a vote of thanks, thank you Michelle!  In a special moment at the party out-going Commodore Daven Voorhies announced the Board’s selection of Daniel Knierien as 2023 Yachthsman of the Year.  He and the out-going board received custom WYC logo polo shirts.

On The Horizon

Board Meeting – Saturday, February 10 at 9:30am

The new club officers have hit the deck running.  Our first board of directors meeting will be held Saturday February 10 in the Members Room at the Sundance Grill.  Members are invited, as always, to attend the meeting.

T-Bone Tom’s Party – Saturday, February 10 at 6:00pm

We always enjoy getting together at this Kemah bar and grill.  This night the band ‘Sonic Seduction’ will play a variety of 70’s and 80’s music for people to listen and dance to.  Please respond ‘YES’ to the evite so volunteer Elfie knows how big a table to reserve.

Dock Hop – Saturday March 9 5:00pm-9:00

There are so many nice owners and boats at the marina, they’ve actually invited us to party onboard.  Volunteer Amy Holdaway has organized the event that places us on four boats.  Everyone all at once would be too many, so she has prepared a boarding schedule for us.  Look for an evite in the coming days to show your attendance and later your suggested times.

Wine & Cheese New Member Party – Saturday, March 30 5:00pm-9:00

Former Commodore Mike Pantoja and wine executive Tina Pantoja will once again treat members, marina boaters and WHM homeowners to the biggest little charcutiere table in Texas.  Wine and spirit distributors may also be in attendance, so look for an evite announcing more details and bring a prospective member to show off how well WYC does it.

Houston Yacht Club Cruise – Saturday April 6 

WYC has arranged for a few overnight slips at HYC.  After your three-hour cruise (or less) to HYC we’ll dine together at their restaurant.  The club will start the meal with appetizers.  Look for a future email to indicate your interest.

Gumbo Cookoff – Saturday April 13 5:00pm-9:00

Any way you like it, club members got it.  Spicy chili, mild, bean, no bean, red, and white chilis should all be available for enough tasting to make a meal of it.  Bring your secret recipe chili or a side dish to share.  Our favorite will be awarded a local gift card.

Membership: Our 2024 agenda requires member support and the more the merrier.  Please renew your membership and spread the word along the dock about the advantages of WYC membership.

Daven Voorhies WYC Fleet Captain