February 2024

Waterford Yacht Club Newsletter – February 2024

Recent Events

T-Bone Tom’s – More than a dozen members made it a special night to enjoy a meal and music together at one of our favorite bar and grill destinations.

On The Horizon

Dock Hop – Saturday March 9 5:00pm-9:00

There are so many nice owners and boats at the marina, they’ve actually invited us to party onboard.  Volunteer Amy Holdaway has organized the event that places us on four boats.  Everyone all at once would be too many, so she has prepared a boarding schedule for us.  Please respond to your evite so she can arrange our suggested boarding times.

Wine & Cheese New Member Party – Saturday, March 30 5:00pm-9:00

Former Commodore Mike Pantoja and wine executive Tina Pantoja will once again treat members, marina boaters and WHM homeowners to the biggest little charcutiere table in Texas.  Wine and spirit distributors may also be in attendance.  Look for an evite announcing more details and bring a prospective member to show how well WYC does it.

Houston Yacht Club Cruise – Saturday April 6 

WYC has arranged for a few overnight slips at HYC.  After your three-hour cruise (or less) to HYC we’ll dine together at their restaurant.  The club will start the meal with appetizers.  Look for a future email to indicate your interest.

Little Yacht Sales – Saturday April 13 11:00am – 5:00

Our local yacht broker will have an open house and encourages you to wander among the many boat service company displays, speak with an expert, and even board one or two of his yachts.




Gumbo Cookoff – Saturday April 13 5:00pm-9:00

Bring a pot of gumbo or side dish to share, or just bring your appetite.  Treasurer Vickie Voorhies will host the event, conduct the judging and award the prizes for our favorites.  We’ll gather in Pavilion B at 5:00pm, and in the event of bad weather move into the Icehouse.  Check your invites for more information.  See you there!



Membership: Our 2024 agenda requires member support and the more the merrier.  Please renew your membership and spread the word along the dock about the advantages of WYC membership.

Daven Voorhies WYC Fleet Captain