April 2020

Waterford Yacht Club Newsletter – April 2020

Most WYC activities were cancelled in April as Covid-19 precautions swept the country.

April Events

Freeport/Galveston Cruise – The combination of an offshore weather advisory and social distancing limited the cruise to just the HSC and ICW, and the socializing to the single boat that made it to Pelicans Rest. The marina was still busy: The fishing charter Rock Mama hooked a big one offshore.  After almost seven hours they brought onboard a Texas record breaking 820 lb 114 inch bluefin tuna.  Top that TV Wicked Tuna fishermen.  Way less exciting, but still competitive, the marina ring toss game was repaired and played.  Any cruise where the boat returns intact and the crew in good spirts is a good event, which it was.

Month of May

May events are, in general, cancelled or postponed due to the Covid-19 social distancing concerns.  As the old normal returns WYC has plenty of events planned.