Trisha Stetzel

M/V Big Booty Loch'R

Trisha’s love for the water began many years ago with jet boat/water skiing on the Brazos River and Cedar Creek Lake in northern Texas during the 80s and 90s.

In 1991 Trisha left Texas for the United States Navy and served until 1998 as a Cryptologic Technician.  She served in Florida, Okinawa Japan, and Hawaii with several other stops along the way.  Upon leaving the military life she and her family moved to the Chicagoland area where she joined the forces of IBM supporting client’s IT departments eventually becoming an IT Manager and moved to Seattle, WA in 2004.

Living in the Chicagoland area was not necessarily conducive to the type of boating that Trisha preferred, but the open waters in Seattle sparked an interest in a new type of boating.  She and her family spent every weekend on the water in their new 25’ Monterey cabin cruiser.  They explored Lake Washington and all it has to offer along with using the locks to enter the Puget Sound for even more adventures in the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest.  The last family trip they took before shipping the boat to Texas was from Lake Washington to Friday Harbor, passing through Deception Pass in the fog!

Trisha and her family arrived in League City to start the next chapter of their lives in the summer of 2007.  Boating in the Bays and the Gulf were certainly different than in the Pacific Northwest.  They had their share of getting used to the shallow depths and maybe running aground once or twice, but once they got comfortable with the waters the boats got bigger.

In her spare time Trisha has several businesses.  She is an animal advocate and lover, showing through all of the work she does in the pet care industry, pet education, helping humans and their canine companions stay healthy together, and volunteering as an animal assisted therapy pet handler.

Trisha’s favorite days are spent on the water with her husband, Dennis, and their fur-family Ruby, Galena, and KoKo.

Wayne Wilcox

Vice Commodore
S/V Elizabeth

Wayne is originally from Northeastern Pennsylvania and moved to Houston in 1981, after graduating from Penn State University. Although he wasn’t born here … he got here as quick as he could! He began his career in Houston in manufacturing administration and accounting. For the past 30 years he has been in commercial real estate property management.

Wayne’s passion for boating began as a young boy going to the Jersey Shore, Seneca Lake in upstate New York, and canoeing on rivers and lakes in NEPA. He has been sailing on Galveston Bay for about 25 years on other people’s boats and chartering out of Windward Sea Venture. In 2014, Wayne and his wife Anne, purchased a Catalina 380 and christened it “Elizabeth”.

Wayne joined WYC in 2015 and is looking forward to working with the other officers and members on the various social and charity events.

Daven Voorhies

Rear Commodore
S/V De Bonte Koe

I’ve been near the ocean and on pleasure boats since childhood in Los Angeles. There I learned basic seamanship, topside maintenance, and pram sailing. While finishing college my young bride, Vickie, and I honeymooned on board the family twin diesel motor yacht for five months. Fast forward to 2013, past a move to Houston, various energy industry analytic jobs, two sons, and five grandsons, Vickie and I are back on the water in in a 38′ Beneteau Oceanis. We enjoy weekend sailing with our extended family, activities with the busy and growing Waterford Yacht Club, and all our boat buddies on Pier 11. As a member of WYC Board of Directors, I’m pleased to assist club members with any and all activities as needed to help make the WYC your preferred yacht club.

Dennis Stetzel

Fleet Captain
M/V Big Booty Loch'R

Dennis was introduced to recreational boating in the deep, cold waters of Puget Sound after an unexpected corporate move to Seattle, Washington.   Prior to the move, his exposure and love of water sports was limited to scuba diving off the shores of Okinawa, Japan, beach walking on along the coast of Rota, Spain and enjoying the amazing costal waters of Oahu, Hawaii.

While Dennis spent time at sea in the Pacific Ocean as a member of the U.S. Navy and grew up in the suburbs of Chicago with access to the Great Lakes and all the Midwestern waters have to offer, it was not until moving to Seattle and seeing the Trawlers of Puget Sound headed toward Friday Harbor for the weekend did the ‘boating bug’ take hold.  His first long weekend on a 25 foot Monterrey with his wife Trisha, son, Tye, and their two dogs was just the beginning of an ever-growing passion for boating.

Although the size and name of the boat, and number of dogs changes on a regular basis – Dennis and Trisha spend every possible moment (weather permitting) on the water!

Brad Scott

Social Director
S/V Never Again

A Native Texan born landlocked in Central Texas, Brad set roots in Houston in the early 90’s working in the Manufacturing and Sales of Concrete Construction Products.  After getting the powerboat bug from ski boats and Sea Doo’s he stepped up to a 28ft Cruisers Powerboat in 2004.  In short order that experience did NOT go well, so Brad turned to sail power. 

Starting small with a 1975 25ft Hunter Sailboat, it didn’t take long to develop what would be a life changing passion for sailing.  Growing into a Catalina 30 and finally to a Hunter 38 to live aboard and cruise in the future, I guess you could say Brad has a passion for sail and power.Recently ga ining several years of experience competitively racing J-Boats and 10 or so years of offshore distance cruiser racing, there is a pretty good deal of knowledge to tap. Brad and his pup Martini have lived aboard for 7 years and are usually either working on the boat, helping others with their boats, or are out on the water.

Vickie Voorhies

S/V De Bonte Koe

Bio in development as of 1/22/2017

Gail Van Oosten

S/V Siphon

Gail has been around boating and the water since childhood, growing up in Mobile, Alabama. She moved to Houston in 1997. Her parents introduced her to the world of power boating, fishing, and skiing in the early 70’s when they purchased a 19ft Formula. Started sailing in 2001 with Sail La Vie, a Sailing Social Club in Houston.
Met her future husband, Peter van Oosten in 2002, an avid racer and sailor, and began learning what she could on his boat America Jane III, a well-known racing sailboat in the GBCA circles. Her parents moved to Houston in 1998 bringing their power boat to the Galveston area as well. Gail and Peter married in 2004, moved to Kemah in 2007, purchasing $iphon, a C&C Performance cruiser.
The van Oosten’s enjoy boating, traveling, scuba diving and being with family and friends in the States and the Netherlands, where Peter grew up. They have children and grandchildren in Texas as well as the Netherlands.
Gail along with fellow yacht club member Greg Green, runs J Halton Group, an executive search firm in Houston. She has served on Regatta Townhomes HOA as President for 2 terms and the board for 6 years. She was Social Director at Sail La Vie in 2002. Peter works for Ramtec Marine Systems.
The Hochman- van Oosten family enjoy being on the water either on $iphon or Aqua Mania, her parents 28ft Sea Ray , catching a sunset, racing, cruising or looking for Dolphins, her Mom’s favorite pastime .

Peter van Oosten

S/V Siphon

Peter van Oosten is a Dutch Citizen and has been living in the USA since 1991. When Peter first arrived, he worked for Radio Holland USA and assisted with reactivating the transport ships used in the First Iraq War. He graduated Marine College in Vlissingen (Zeeland, Netherlands) in the 80’s and specialized in industrial and marine automation. Peter is currently a project engineer for a Kemah-based company that specializes in marine automation.

Peter started sailing and racing dinghies as a teenager (Flying Junior, BM’s and Eemmeer). He was one of the early windsurfers in Europe. In the early 80’s he moved to Curacao in the Caribbean and windsurfed from there to the coast of Venezuela. In Curacao he also started racing on yachts (J Boat’s).

He built a  27 foot van der Stadt yacht which was sailed from Curacao to Clearlake. In 1994 he bought American Jane III (Kaufman 38, one ton class) which he raced in Galveston Bay and many Gulf of Mexico offshore regatta’s. He has owned $iphon for the past 10 years, a C&C 41 which he uses for local races and cruising.

He and his wife Gail have been members of WYC since 2011.

Melody Nitzberg

S/V Wide Eyes

Melody was ‘bit by the bug’ of sailing and cruising while working as a musician aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line’s Flag Ship, the SS Norway in the late ‘80’s. In love with the sea since early childhood living on the Mediterranean in Tripoli, Libya, Melody lettered in swimming and diving in high school, worked as a life guard and was introduced to sailing and scuba-diving in the Caribbean while working aboard the SS Norway. At that time, it became her dream to one day own a sailboat and venture across oceans.

Melody has lived in Houston since 1990, raising a family and working in I.T. as a Network Engineer. After participating as a sometime crew member aboard racing yachts in Seabrook and Kemah and becoming an ‘empty nester’ in 2013, Melody was finally able to earnestly invest in gaining skill and experience in sailing and sailed in the BVI’s and in Malaysia before she finally took the plunge of boat ownership in fall of 2015 when she purchased a Morgan 382 and re-christened her ‘Wide Eyes’. In November of 2016, she enjoyed her longest voyage so far, sailing with fellow WYC sailor Stephen Barry aboard the S/V Ebb Tide from Key West to Cuba, then back across the Gulf of Mexico to Kemah.

One of the newer members of the Waterford Yacht Club, Melody has enjoyed the past 18 months in Waterford Harbor Marina aboard S/V Wide Eyes and is honored to serve on the 2017 WYC board.

Michelle Weidner

S/V Sea Your Future

Michelle grew up in the city of Chicago but started her love for the water at an early age spending weekends on powerboats on the lakes of Wisconsin. Married in 2003 to husband John Judas they travel as much as possible and especially love trips to the Caribbean. They began their sailing adventures on Lake Michigan in 2012 with a 101 class aboard a J/22 all the while dreaming of one day escaping the long and cold winters of the Windy City.

The winter of 2013 brought her and John to Texas via a job opportunity and they soon after bought their first boat, S/V Sea your Future. When not out on Galveston Bay sailing with John, she is usually found in the kitchen cooking up a storm or working to plan her next vacation destination.


John Judas

S/V Sea Your Future

A native of Illinois, but a Texan in spirit, John moved to Houston in late 2013 for the dual purpose of year-round sailing and advancing his professional career. He is currently skipper of s/v Sea Your Future (Hunter 33) on Doc 10 and a Regional Director of an IT Consulting firm.

John’s life on the water started early where his father was an avid boater on the upper Mississippi River. It was on a sandbar in the river that he learned at the age of 2, that a bucket of sand does NOT constitute an appropriate afternoon snack! His first taste of sailing was aboard a Sunfish in Nicolet Bay, WI while in college. He didn’t know it then, but it was just a matter of time before he would have his own boat.

After college, life kept him land-locked until he married wife Michelle in 2003 and since then, they have traveled to Hawaii, Mexico, Belize, Italy and several islands in the Caribbean.

After a 2011 trip to Scrub Island, BVI, John began SCUBA and sailing certification. He and Michelle were guests aboard a sailing catamaran in BVI twice and after they experienced sailing on the clear blue Caribbean, they knew that their future would eventually include switching their clocks to ‘Island Time’.

He earned Basic and Advanced Keelboat from US Sailing on Lake Michigan and has also earned certifications with ASA for 101, 103 and 104 on Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. He also holds Advanced Open Water Diver certification through PADI but admittedly does not make bubbles as often as he should.

He joined WYC in 2014 and is looking forward to supporting WYC Officers and Members in 2016 and beyond.

Doug Catenaci

Immediate Past Commodore
S/V Point of Beginning

Doug is the middle of three children and has been on or around boats the majority of his life. Growing up in Florida he began boating at an early age purchasing a Sunfish at age 10 moving up to a laser at age 12 then onto power boats. Fortunate to be raised on the water Doug was able to spend his formative years Diving, Sailing, Fishing and waterskiing.

Doug married in 1988 and moved his wife Mishelle and 3 children (Lisa, Missy, Douglas) to Houston in 1992.  The move allowed him to be on the water again albeit working in the Offshore Oil and Gas industry, a bit different than enjoying the serene waters of Florida.

Recently purchasing a sailboat, Doug, Mishelle and family have spent the majority of their weekends sailing on Galveston bay and enjoying the boating lifestyle at Waterford Harbor.