July 2022

Waterford Yacht Club Newsletter – July 2022

Recent Events

Pancake Breakfast – Our first try at this event was a great success.  Members had their fill of flapjacks topped with berries, whipped cream and of course maple syrup.  Add the refreshing Mimosas and it became the best breakfast ever served at Waterford, and the perfect way to start a Sunday.  As the pancake griddles warmed up the Pavilion B circuit tripped and Treasurer, turned cook, Vickie Voorhies had to have a long extension cord before she could continue cooking our meal.

Happy Hour – Several members braved the evening heat and enjoyed our monthly gathering in Pavilion B.

 Port of Houston Tour Cruise – More than 36 members and guests were on board the Port of Houston’s tour boat for this unique look at harbor activities.  We frequently see cargo ships in the distant ship channel, but up close, at dock is too real.  It’s a good reminder of how important shipping and industry is to Houston.  Thanks to past Commodore Robert Donelly for making the event possible.  Afterwards half of us enjoyed dinner and drinks at the nearby original Ninfa’s restaurant.

HYC Shell Beach Raft-Up – Fleet Captain Russell Parrish got the WYC fleet together for our first true raft-up in years.  The calm waters behind the HYC are the perfect setting for leisure water activities.  Skippers Jeff Mountain and Daven Voorhies supported the raft-up by dropping anchor.

     The little floaties that could: It was hot, too hot, for Steve and Amy Holdaway’s open Whaler.  They beat the heat with a clever floating popup tent.  After Simone Gordon saved the tent by recovering a drifting float they could finally relax.  Later they, plus Michael Gordon, formed a little floatie flotilla and paddled from the Voorhies anchorage to the Mountain anchorage and continued the party.  The afternoon breeze came up and the floaties needed help to get back.  Director Daniel Knierien did so by hitching the flotilla to his dinghy bow.  He ran in reverse so the towline would stay clear of the propeller and returned the floatie flotilla to the tent.

Margarita Extravaganza – Almost 40 members and guests enjoyed generous servings of icy cold margaritas as sponsors Director Daniel Knierien, Laurie Deihl and Social Director Pilar Giron organized the wonderful social event.  There were many custom beverages as WYC mixologists did their best.  The combination of margaritas, fajitas, a piñata and colorful table decorations gave the event a fiesta flavor.  Tanya Holden won a gift card for the best margarita which included a slice of (oops – don’t eat) red pepper.  Commodore Sean McDaniel was the third piñata batter and broke it wide open to the delight of every sweet tooth in Pavilion B.


On the Horizon

Dingy Pub Crawl (Saturday August 6 2:30 – 7:30) – Join us for a fun afternoon of visiting some of Clearlake’s fun venues for appetizers and refreshments on our dingy or other small watercraft of choice. Plan on starting right outside the entrance to Waterford Marina at 2:30. For members without small boats, you can either bum a ride with those that do or meet at the locations by car. The plan in no particular order is to go to Schafers, Cabo, Barge 295, Chelsea Wine Bar, Boondoggles, etc.If you come by boat, don’t forget you PFDs, air horns and extra fuel. The plan is to be back before dark.

Bloody Mary Sunday (Sunday August 14 9:00am – 11:00 Pavilion B) – A refreshing red beverage with all the trimmings is a good way to get your minimum daily allowance of vegetables.  Tanya Holden has volunteered to sponsor the event so join with other members and enjoy this popular WYC event.

Happy Hour (Friday September 9 7:00pm – 9:00 Pavilion B) – There’s lots going on in the marina and Galveston Bay.  Stop by our monthly social gathering for some chit-chat.

 Volunteers – WYC’s 2022 agenda is going strong and your support with social, education or fleet events will make it even better.  Contact Commodore Sean McDaniel (commodore@waterfordyc.com) and participate.  Together we can make it happen!

-Daven Voorhies, WYC Vice Commodore