Yachtsman of the Year 2016

Rafael Brom earned the award of 2016 “Yachtsman of the Year” at the annual Commodore’s Ball held at Sundance II in Waterford Harbor Marina on Saturday January 21st.

The “Yachtsman of the Year” award is an annual award presented to a Waterford Yacht Club non-board member based upon volunteering and participation in Waterford Yacht club events as well as service at Waterford Marina.

Rafael was the driving force behind the Peanut Regatta which provided sailors in WYC with a weekly challenge to compete and hone their racing skills. This paid off in 2016 as WYC sailors not only regained the “Wheel” at our annual Charity Regatta, but also did quite well in Lakewood Yacht Club’s 30th Annual Harvest Moon Regatta in several classes.

If you see Rafael around the Marina please congratulate him for his service as his efforts played a big part of Waterford Yacht Clubs achievements in 2016.

Past “Yachtsman of the Year”

2002       Vernon Downing

2003       Rus Records

2004       John Dewitt

2005       Russel Orr

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2011       Julie Gibb

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2016       Rafael Brom