Expired Dinghy Pub Crawl

  • November 12, 2016 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm

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to a Waterford Yacht Club Event

What: Afternoon Dinghy Pub Run

When: Saturday, November 12 12:30-4:00pm

Where: See Details Below

Details: Meet in front of Sundance Grill II boat dock at 12:30.  From there, the crawl will begin and follow wherever the crew leads …. an adventure to the next pub.  Have a beer or tea and fun on the lake…..then…..get back in time for Chili Cook Off!!!

(3) Locations will be visited

1. Outriggers, under the Kemah Bridge

GPS coordinates: 29 °32.987’N , 95° 1.411’W

2. Cabo Bar & Grill, next to Turtle Club

GPS coordinates: 29 °33.509’N , 95° 2.023’W
2513 NASA Road 1, Seabrook, TX 77586

3. Boondoggles, *If time permits

GPS Coordinates: 29° 33 .946’N 95° 3.21O’W

Enter Taylor Bayou, go under bridge, it’s on the starboard side. 4106 E. NASA Pkwy

El Lago, TX 77586

Notes on Dinghy Etiquette

In many popular cruising destinations or stopovers, dinghy docks can become very crowded. Ov er time, this simple set of dinghy dock guidelines has evolved amongst cruisers worldwide.

  • Always leave your outboard down. Raised outboards can damage other boats.
  • Have a long painter. This allows others to push aside your dinghy and nose up to the dock and unload. If you tie with a short painter others will have to climb over or through your dinghy.
  • Use only one line. Do not tie bow and stern.
  • If there are only a few cleats on the dock, tie a loop in the end of your painter. There is room for a lot of looped painters if no one has cleated their painter.
  • If other dinghies are at the dock, try to tie your dinghy painter below the earlier arrivals. They will most likely be leaving before you. You might not want them to have to untie your dinghy and retie it.
  • Passing your painter up through the loops of other painters is known as “Dipping the eye”.
  • When you lock your dinghy, do not trap another dinghy’s painter. Be sure the cable is long enough to allow others to nose into the dock to unload.
  • Sail Magazine, February 2016.
Hosted byMishelle & Doug Catenaci
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