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4th of July Fleet Event – Fireworks Revision

WYC will scale back the 4th of July activities to primarily the fireworks in Clear Lake Channel.

After enjoying the Waterford Marina Pool Party we’ll gather on the bay to relax, enjoy the huge fireworks display in the channel, and also watch the other fireworks around the edge of the bay.  We’ll have a Skipper’s meeting at 4:30 p.m. in the icehouse to pick our location, and organize the boats that choose to anchor, and boaters who would like to raft-up.  It will be hot so stock-up on ice for cold (non-alcoholic) beverages and be prepared for a cooling plunge in the bay. . . . .  Each raft-up will safely conduct a Cannonball Splash Dive competition.  The best splash (biggest, highest, wettest) will be awarded a prize.  Fireworks on the bay are a memorable event so bring your friends and family!

The previously scheduled Cannonball Run ran afoul of obscure Coast Guard regulations and has been removed from current WYC activities.  In the event of bad weather the organized event will be cancelled with no alternate date.

See you out on the bay!

Daven Voorhies



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