May 2019


Waterford Yacht Club Newsletter – May 2019

May Activities

Gumbo Cook-off:

Who knew there are so many different types of gumbo?  Different combinations of meats, seafood, spices and roux were all on display.  Twenty-seven people enjoyed delicious samples of about 10 different gumbos plus other side dishes and desserts, all prepared by our own members.

We voted and the club favorites were from Karen Townsend, Nadya Sharonov, and Scott Stillman who each received a kitchen related gift.  Thanks to the Stillmans and Townsends for hosting the event, and everyone who brought a favorite recipe.

Redfish Raft-Up:

WYC’s big spring event, was a blow-out, literally. High winds over 25 knots made the trip to the island difficult and anchorage unsafe.

But once again the club implemented plan B and we gathered at pavilion B for a marina version of the island party. Members put together a filling meal of hot dogs grilled by Director Michael Gordon with all the trimmings and plenty of side dishes to help create an enjoyable afternoon.

Fleet Captain Simon Gordon recognizes Michael Metts as the only intrepid member who made it to Redfish but then sadly missed the plan B party.

Diesel Mechanics:

Mechanical engineer John Ballard presented an educational review of diesel engine operation and maintenance. He separated operation into the various systems – fuel, ignition, cooling etc. The 13 members in attendance had plenty of questions too.  Some of John’s  advice included “if something looks bad, fix it before breaks” and your heat exchanger should have a “15-degree spread between inflow and outflow”.  Thank you John!

June Activities

Happy Hour – Friday June 8th 6:00 pm:

Let’s gather together and have our monthly party at pavilion B. Bring an appetizer to share, BYOB and catch-up on marina news and what members from all those piers you don’t walk on have been doing.

Boat Electronics at West Marine – June 22nd 9:00 am:

For this educational event WYC will go on the road across the street to our local West Marine store. Around last year the merchandise was rearranged (as if you hadn’t noticed yet) and the electronics section expanded.  We’ll receive an update on the latest, must have, electronic gadgets from AIS to Zeus nav aids, plus free coffee and donuts. Attendance is limited so look for the upcoming evite and be sure to register.

Hawaiian (Ugly) Shirt Party Saturday June 22nd 6:00 pm:

Somewhere, deep in your clothes closet, is a casual Hawaiian shirt that just doesn’t look right.  Maybe it was a gift from an in-law. Good news – it’s in style at WYCs Ugly Hawaiian shirt contest. There will be a prize for the ugly one, so keep it real ugly. The dinner party will be at Sundance II Grill and will require a real ticket purchase. Look at the recent evite and/or go to the Eventbrite website to make your $15 per person purchase, .  Direct questions to hostess and Treasurer Vickie Voorhies 832 4281005