January 2018

                                               January 2018 – February  2018

Ahoy, WYC! As we turn the corner into 2018, we hope the holidays have been wonderful for you and yours and we can’t wait to catch up on events and travels.

See below for the WYC January news and details on upcoming club events – mark your calendars for the Race to Freeport  coming up on March 30th- April 1st..



On The Horizon: The Month Ahead

Upcoming events: Watch for and respond to evites. Pay your 2018 dues by February 1st by check or on-line at www.waterfordyc.com.

  • Annual Membership Dues: By February 1, 2018
  • February Happy Hour: Friday February 2nd  6:30PM- 9:30 PM at Pavilion B
  • February Board Meeting: Saturday  February 10th 9:00 AM Sundance Grill

Remember to check the calendar on the web site for more information on all scheduled events! https://www.waterfordyc.com/event-calendar/.

Annual Membership Dues are ….Due!:

No one looks forward to membership dues, exactly – but getting this bit of formality out of the way right away at the start of the year is truly worth while. WYC is the very best deal going for a very active and exciting Yacht Club. Dues are to be payed by the first of February every year. The web site is already set up to accept your dues digitally as long as you are already a member, or the more traditional check still works. We’ve even added the convenience of ‘The Square’ payment device this year if you would like to swipe your card in person.

2018 Annual Members Meeting :

Our Annual Business Meeting took place on Saturday, January 20th at the Sundance Grill. Following the presentation of the  2017 financial report  by the Treasurer, each Officer presented their annual report and volunteers were recognized. The 2018 Officers and Board of Directors was  then elected and installed. The 2018 Waterford Yacht Club Officers and Board of Directors are as follows:

Commodore: Mike Pantoja  S/V Cocamane  Pier 15/Slip 7
Vice Commodore- Ellen Van London  M/V Ragged Edge  Pier 7/Slip 25
Rear Commodore- Jeff Peterson  S/V Wind Dancer  Pier 11/Slip 37
Fleet- Rafael Brom  S/V Selah  Pier 17/Slip 10
Treasurer- Vickie Voorhies  S/V De Bonte Koe  Pier 11/Slip 41
Secretary- John Winston  S/V Pathfinder  Pier 11/Slip 32
Social Director- Trisha Stetzel  M/V Big Booty Loch’R  Pier 11/Slip 17
Director 1- Tech Support- Daven Voorhies S/V De Bonte Koe  Pier 11/Slip 41
Director 2- Social Media – Michelle Weidner S/V Sea Your Future Pier 10/Slip 34
Director 3- Newsletter- Sarah Winston  S/V Pathfinder  Pier 11/Slip 32
Director 4- At Large- Oliver Priest  M/V Liberty  Homeowner Pier/Slip 15

We wish to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who served on the 2017 Board as an Officer or Director. It is very exciting to see several 2017 Board members returning to serve on the 2018 Board . As always, a great big thank you to all the volunteers who helped make 2017 such a successful year for the Waterford Yacht Club.

2017 WYC Peanut Regatta Trophy Winners:

After a year of hard work and play, the winners of the 2017 WYC Peanut Regatta Series have been determined and the trophies were presented at the Commodore’s Ball on January 20th.

1 “Selah” – Rafael 177
2 “Alive and Free” – Greg & Crew 167.5
3 “Dram Buoy” – Peter & Betsy 150.5
4 “Point of Beginning” – Doug, Mishelle & Crew 86.5
5 “Veritas” – Ruben & Crew 55

Congratulations to all the winners and their crews. The new year of racing has begun and the schedule is available at https://www.waterfordyc.com/event-calendar/.

See you at Marker 2!

True North Marine Tour:

On Saturday, January 13, nine club members gathered at the True North facility on Lawrence Rd and received a first-class tour (donuts and coffee) conducted by manager Patrick McAndrew.  The group was generally surprised to learn how wide and detailed True North’s service offering is.  The main shop and parts department were spotless, and the service trucks are way better organized than the trunk of my car.  Patrick expressed their focus of doing things right, so we can enjoy our boats on the weekends. Visit the True North website at www.truenorth-marine.com sometime soon.

-Daven Voorhies

2017 Yachtsman of the Year:

Elfie Boersma earned the award of 2017 “Yachtsman of the Year” at the annual Commodore’s Ball held at Opus Grille in Watergate Marina Saturday January 20th.

The “Yachtsman of the Year” award is an annual award presented to a Waterford Yacht Club non-board member based upon volunteering and participation in Waterford Yacht club events as well as service at Waterford Marina.

Elfie is a very active member in the club, helping with local social events, traveling fleet events, and our annual charity event over the years.  She has also served on the Club Board multiple years.  She is always willing to help Club members as well as marina residents, sharing her knowledge of boating, local waters, and lessons learned while traveling on or with a boat.  Elfie is an educated boater, active club member, and a great friend!  We appreciate all she gives back to our Club, it’s members, and the marina.

If you see Elfie around the Marina please congratulate her for her service to our club and it’s members!

Welcome Aboard!

Please be on the lookout for the following new members and welcome them to the club!

Name                                                      Boat Name                      Boat Location

Tom and LouAnna Peters                       S/V Launa Joyce             Pier 11, Slip 21,

Visit the website URL: http://www.waterfordyc.com for information on joining or renewing your membership.

Under the Keel: Scuttlebutt and Rumor


Waterford Yacht Club held the 2018 Commodores Ball on January 20th at Opus Ocean Grill at Watergate Marina.

The theme of the gala was Havana Nights and the weather cooperated with a balmy evening following weeks of arctic nights.

It seemed as though we were really in Havana as the rum flowed and cigars were enjoyed on the deck under the palm trees and stars. The decorating crew, lead by Michelle Weidner, did an excellent job of creating a tropical atmosphere and the drunken sailors added to the authenticity. The DJ had the crowd on its feet for much of the evening and fun was had by all.

Thank you to our 2017 Commodore, Trisha Stetzel, and her committee, for putting on an evening of great food, drink, and merriment  for our yacht club members to enjoy.



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We’ll see you beyond Marker 2!