February 2019

February Events

The month started with WYC Happy Hour gathering. The cold weather put us into the ice house where more than a dozen members enjoyed some dock talk, snacks and beverages.

In Galveston the big February event is Marti Gras. Clear Lake boaters had their own event with Yachty Gras on Saturday 23rd. It was a beautiful night for about 40 brightly decorated boats with of plenty beads for the raucous crowd along the Boardwalk. Congratulations to former Commodore Robert Donley on his power boat Panacea for winning Best in Show!  Aside the decorations and dancing on board, Robert rocked the Boardwalk with high energy, amped-up music.

As the boats proceeded through the Clear Lake Channel Ricky Jackson made a drone video available via Facebook  R.J.DroneServices.

New Members Welcomed

Two new and a returning member signed-up.  Make an effort to greet them sometime soon.

Jack Sharp with his sail boat Rosemary on pier 10.

Patrick Cuty with his power boat Coconut Princess on pier 2.

Tony and Karen Townsend have rejoined – welcome back!

Sailboat Racing

Former Fleet Captain Rafael Broom continues to offer his weekly Peanut Races to Clear Lake boaters. So far this year 10 boats have participated with Peter and Gail Van Oosten on board the $iphon leading the year-long regatta as of February 24.

On the Horizon

Wine and Cheese – New Membership Party

On Saturday March 9 WYC will sponsor one of it’s favorite parties. Past Commodore Mike and Tina Pantoja (they know vino) will host the gathering where the moderately priced favorites you bring to share are enjoyed along with club supplied cheese parings, breads, crackers and fruit. Be sure to invite a dock friend who would like to partake and get an introduction to WYC. The party is also a good time for existing member 2019 membership renewals.  More party details will very follow soon with the Evite reminder.

Co-host Volunteers

The club board of directors has ambitious plans for the year and needs event co-hosts to make it happen. Think about expanding your WYC experience and helping with an event. Contact the WYC Social Director Sarah Winston sswinston@comcast.com for opportunities.

-Daven Voorhies