August 2022

Waterford Yacht Club Newsletter – August 2022

Recent Events

Bloody Marys’ and Mimosas – About two dozen members were once again treated to WYC’s Sunday Bloody Mary/Mimosas event.  Assorted brunch items were included to make it a very nice social gathering.  Many thanks to Tanya Holden who volunteered as host and the other members who assisted.

Dingy Pub Crawl & Poker Run – WYC’s little fleet of five dinghies challenged Clear Lake for an afternoon adventure.  Fourteen members took on a thunderstorm, then extreme summer heat and lake chop as we crisscrossed it to Boondoggles, Cabos, Schafers, and Opus Ocean Grill.   Luckily the water splash from our speedy boats plus the waterfront beverages kept us cool.  Fleet Captain Russell Parish made sure we all arrived safely (no problems to report) and was also the poker card dealer.  Brian Cummings had the lucky winning hand and received a valuable gift card.  We were all winners as everyone enjoyed food, beverages, live music, and the shared experience on the lake.

Battleship U.S.S. Texas – In case you didn’t see the famous ship on the move, here she is near Redfish Island.  Dozens of boats anchored along the HSC or followed her in parade formation as she was towed to a Galveston dry dock.  We’ve seen plenty of big cargo ships in the channel, but somehow the Texas looked even bigger.

On the Horizon

Game Night (Fri. Sept. 9 6pm-9 at Sundance Grill II) Our regular Happy Hour will be expanded to include the engaging Rummikub game.  The game is a merger of dominos and gin rummy so it’s easy to learn, very social, and fun to play.  Prizes can be expected for the winners.

Birthday Bash (Sat. Sept. 24 6pm-10 at Sundance Grill II) Social Direct Pilar Giron has arranged a special evening for members and guests as we celebrate being 23 years old.  Look sharp: the dinner and dancing theme is 1920’s Gatsby.  Our selected charity this year the Buffalo Bayou Partnership; a representative will join us to speak about their activities which help Galveston Bay.  Please be prepared to make a donation to support their efforts.   Online tickets are available at

Save the Dates – On Friday October 14 we’ll have a pavilion B Happy Hour and on Saturday October 22 we’ll swagger into Railien Distillery for a pirate party (arrgh).


 New Members – The good word about WYC’s activities continues to spread.  Three new memberships joined this month!

  • Pat Kelleher – s/v Tis Good pier 13
  • Brian Britt – s/v Nautilus pier 17
  • Ulrich and Angelika Thomas p/v Cat Daddy pier 7

Stop by and say “ahoy” as we welcome them into WYC.

Volunteers – WYC’s 2022 agenda is going strong and your support with social, education or fleet events will make it even better.  Contact Commodore Sean McDaniel ( and participate.  Together we make it happen!

-Daven Voorhies, WYC Vice Commodore